Lost in Consumption.

Overconsumption feeds on Confusion. 

As we live surrounded by things to buy, adverts, brands, catchy slogans, and shiny colors. All competing for our attention on shelves, shops windows, billboards, calling us with offers and reduced prices. In the middle of this battle, we often don't know where things come from and what is behind the simple act of buying. 

In the chain of production-consumption-disposal: 

One garbage truck of plastic is dumped over the ocean every minute. The clothing industry takes advantage of poor populations where workers’ rights are minimal or nonexistent. 70 billion animals per year are killed for human consumption. 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted globally each year, one-third of all food produced for human consumption. Unsustainable Agriculture, Palm oil, and Soja for cattle linked with deforestation.​..


We need to connect the dots and see that there is another tag attached to the price of the product.


Primark, UK. 2019.

Morrisons, UK.

Morrison's meat section, UK. 2019.


Morrison's fish Section, UK. 2019.

Primark, UK.jpg

Primark, UK. 2019.

Superdrug, Uk.jpg

Superdrug, UK. 2019.