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A theory of everything.

Clouds as thoughts. Iceland. @RaquelRivas.

A TED talk of the comedian and philosopher Emily Levine, has been going around my head for nearly a week.

In this talk She display complex concepts such as Objectivity, Rationality or even Beauty with a particular sense of humour.

Pulling the strings of information got me to other concepts like:

”Edge of Chaos”:  Transition space between order and disorder. A region of bounded instability that engenders a constant dynamic interplay between order and disorder.

“Trickster” From the book Trickster makes the world. The trickster is anybody who’s a bit of an outsider. They’re the ones who make change. They’re not thinking about making change; they’re almost doing it in a selfish way. But because they are working outside the rules, they change the rules.

But I will quote something She said that particularly resonated in me.

“Sometimes Tricksters can fall into beauty; But to do that you have to loose all the other qualities.

Because once you’re into beauty, you’re into a finished thing, you’re into something that occupies space and inhabits time.

Its is always extraordinary to see something of beauty. But if you don’t do that, allowing the accidents to keep happening , you get into a wavelength of infinite possibilities.

Once you are into beauty the probability wave collapses into one possibility.

And I like to explore all the possibilities.”


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