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Inspirational Procrastination.

Dont By Afraid to Fail. Vik, Iceland. @RaquelRivas

Looking for something to procrastinate got me to this tutorial of “Create inspirational Quotes Video for Instagram in Photoshop” of PHLEARN.

And why Not? Lets practice some inspirational productive procrastination with Aaron Nace. (My Photoshop Hero).

I am a morning person, I wake up everyday at the same time the birds outside do, without any alarm. After lunch my productivity and energy levels reach its peak and start to decrease. 4pm I am just wasting time. After 6 pm I can just hold basic conversations. 8 pm I start to think about my bed.

What can I do?


Meaning: A way of wasting your time instead of doing something important that you should be doing but doing it in the right way! Or  — Avoiding work by working on something else that interests you.

The way to Start. Vik, Iceland. @RaquelRivas.

I ended up with those inspirational photos of my friend Antonio.

I shall try some ProcrastiBaking next time!

“I was going to write a poem I made a pie instead     it took about the same amount of time of course the pie was a final

draft     a poem would have had some distance to go     days and weeks and much crumpled paper”

Later in the poem: “everybody will like this pie… / many friends / will say why in the world did you / make only one / this does not happen with poems.”

More useful procrastination videos and tutorial on:


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