• Raquel Rivas

The Mind is like Tofu, It tastes like whatever you marinated it in.

- Silvia Boorstein.

Shiva in meditation. Rishikesh, India. @RaquelRivas

It's been my fifth 10 days silent meditation retreat. It is so clear to me that the same effort used in cleaning and maintaining our body has to be equally put on the cleaning and maintaining ones mind. Maybe more! Because its harder.

Highly recommend anyone with a mind to try it.

I have only practiced one type of meditation. So I can only talk about Vipassana. The first time I tried, was around 2015.

I wished then I had learned this as a child. Why don’t they teach this in Schools? I thought.

This meditation technique is a great tool for those moments when life will put you in the corner. It also helps to marinate your mind in a healthy dressing of positivity to tame the monkey mind and live more peaceful with whatever comes our way.

I learned that it is better to talk and intellectualize less about it and just practice it. The results will speak for their self and all the answers are found on the actual practice.

Here is all the information on how and where to apply. There are several centers all around the world and like the best things in life IT’S FREE. No Gods, No rituals, No non-sense involved.

May all of us find the way to real Happiness.

Seven Sisters Cliff. UK. @Raquel Rivas


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