While traveling, I was looking for those great landscapes that take your breath away. Instead, I found that humanity has already intervened in most of the natural spaces.

Inspired by the German masterpiece of Romanticism  'Wanderer above the Sea of Fog’.

I see a human observing the landscape, with curiosity and admiration. His identity is not important, but we identify ourselves with him, as he is placed in the center, the point of view we see the world. 


I use to feel a sense of achievement, overwrite latter by the view. What I liked the most about these places is that they put me back to my place, a tiny part of a vast universe, and my ego needs that constant reminder. 

With these photos of companions admiring the Landscape; I wanted to drive attention to the interaction between all humans and the environment. There Are No More 'Untouched' Places Left on Earth.